How Long Is a DWI-Related Texas Driver License Suspension?

Most people are aware that a number of criminal penalties go along with a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge in Texas, including fines and jail time. There are, however, some lesser known penalties that also have far-reaching consequences on the day-to-day lives of those convicted of DWI. Even first time offenders, for instance, could end up with a driver’s license suspension of up to a year, making it impossible to get to work or school on time. To learn more about your own options for having your driver’s license reinstated, please call our experienced Houston DWI legal team today.

Suspension for Drivers Under 21 Years of Age

How long a person’s driver’s license will be suspended after a DWI conviction depends on a few different factors, including the number of similar offenses on the driver’s record and the person’s age. For instance drivers under the age of 21 years old who are convicted of DWI can have their licenses suspended for a year. An additional six months could, however, be added to this suspension if the driver fails to complete an Alcohol Education program as required by the judge. Alternatively, a driver could have this year-long suspension reduced to 90 days, but only if the judge orders community service and the driver agrees to install an ignition interlock device in his or her vehicle.

Suspension for Drivers Over the Age of 21 Years Old

Drivers who are over the age of 21 years old can expect harsher penalties if convicted of DWI, including a two year driver’s license suspension. It is possible, however, to avoid a driver’s license suspension by paying an annual surcharge of up to $2,000 for the next three years. Drivers who were arrested for DWI with a passenger who is under the age of 15 years old, on the other hand, can expect their licenses to be suspended for a mandatory period of six months.

Refusing a Breath or Blood Test

A person can even face the suspension of his or her license for merely refusing to take a chemical test, regardless of the outcome of criminal proceedings. This is known as an Administrative License Revocation (ALR). For a first time refusal to take a breath test, a person’s license will automatically be suspended for six months, while a second offense is punishable by a two year license suspension. Refusing to take a chemical test, on the other hand, comes with a three month license suspension for a first offense and a one year suspension for a second offense.

Those whose licenses have been suspended due to ALR proceedings have 15 days to request a hearing on the issue. Drivers who miss this deadline will automatically have their licenses suspended 40 days after arrest and will be required to pay a fee to get their license back.

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