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Blood Alcohol Calculator

One of the best ways to limit the possibility of an arrest for an alcohol-related offense is to have an adept understanding of your body’s “physical limits” when it comes to ingesting alcohol. Featured below is a Blood Alcohol Calculator you can use to get a good idea of “how many drinks” you can have before you’re considered legally intoxicated.

Having a solid understanding of your personal legal alcohol limit will significantly reduce your chances of being arrested for Public Intoxication.

For motorists, having a strong understanding of your personal biochemistry may help prevent an arrest for DWI in Houston. This is especially important if you usually use your own vehicle for transportation after a night out and in situations in which you may be drinking.

Looking for a DWI Defense Lawyer in Houston?

If you were arrested because of an officer’s opinion of your intoxication, we might be able to help you avoid conviction. Since 1991, Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson has remained at the cutting edge of DWI defense in Houston and is one of the best lawyers for fighting such charges.

If you need help fighting allegations of DWI in Houston or elsewhere in Texas, we’re able and ready to help you. If you need to reach out to our defense team, call our office at 713-489-7373.

Blood Alcohol Calculator

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