DWI Convictions Will Limit Career Options

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Any time a person is convicted of a criminal offense, and there’s the appearance of a criminal conviction present during background checks, it hurts their career options. DWI convictions are no different, but include a different set of potential damages to one’s career options.

For one, merely being arrested for suspicion of DWI could result in your Texas Driver License being suspended via the ALR process prior to your date in court. Without your driver license, participating in your current career will be a hassle notwithstanding the long term detrimental affects that a DWI conviction can have on your future career options.

DWI Convictions & Government Jobs

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The State & Federal governments are among some of the largest employers in the nation that frown upon the appearance of criminal records when considering new employees. With any form of criminal conviction on your background your chances of landing a position with the government becomes all the more complicated.

The more prominent and responsibility laden the position, the higher the likelihood of your application not being considered for the position. With the exception of elected positions and some lowly skilled positions, securing a decent position with a government entity isn’t easy for folks with criminal records.

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DWI Convictions & Careers Involving Trust

If you’re hoping to take on a position in the medical, banking, or law enforcement fields, a drunk driving or any other criminal conviction will add difficulties to attaining employment in these areas. This is especially true in positions involving the handling of money, positions which are authorized to use deadly force, and positions in which patient or child care are involved.

Positions involving the use of heavy machinery or that require driving or taking possession of a company vehicle may also be out of reach for people with criminal records that are indicative of a substance abuse problem. When a potential employer reviews the criminal background of an applicant and there’s a DWI conviction present, they might have second thoughts about which positions “are the safest” to put you in, if they consider the application at all.

Competition in the Workforce

Most companies and government organizations don’t have a huge problem with hiring people convicted of misdemeanor DWI offenses. However, if they’re given the option to choose between two applicants, and one doesn’t have a criminal record, that applicant is more likely to be considered for the position. Again, most organizations prefer to make the “safer hire” due to the financial investment involving with filling positions.

If you’re facing criminal charges for a drunk driving related offense in Houston, it’s in your best interest to stand up for your rights and fight back.

Fighting Back Against Allegations

Attorney Tad A. NelsonAttorneys Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock are among the best qualified lawyers in Texas for defending people arrested in connection with alcohol related legal infractions. Whether you’re facing criminal charges for public intoxication, driving while intoxicated, an open container violation, or even intoxication manslaughter, we can win in those cases and invite you to call our office for help.

There are numerous options available to first-time offenders and others that may offer a way to avoid the appearance of a DWI related conviction on your background. If you have questions about how our legal team can assist you, call us today at 713-489-7373.

DWI Convictions Will Limit Career Options

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