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Expungement: Clearing Criminal Records

Over 28 Years of Good Lawyering for Houstonians

With over two and a half decades as a DWI attorney in Houston I can tell you that I’ve worked with many good people who have made a mistake in their youth, or in their teenage years, that resulted in an arrest, a criminal charge, and finally, a criminal record that appears during background checks.


Criminal Records: a Long Term Detriment

Many times, when a person is applying for employment or enrollment into an institution of higher learning, their criminal background will come into question. If a criminal background is found on the applicant, the chances of the applicant of being hired to work for a major Fortune 500 corporation or allowed admission into a premier accredited educational institution, will significantly diminish.

Needless to say, yet often overlooked, cataclysmic societal denials of this type can create unintended life paths that lead in undesired directions, generally culminating into limited possibilities for growth and flourishment in life.

People Change & Learn From Their Mistakes

The reason that criminal record sealing, expunction of criminal records, expungement of criminal records, and certificates of non-disclosures are available is that the courts understand that many former defendants aren’t the same people now that they were when charged with the crime that caused a criminal record to be generated in their name.

False Information Given to Houston Police

At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates we’ve talked with many good people who have a criminal record, but never committed a criminal act to speak. The reason these people have criminal records is usually a result of stolen identity.

In most legal consultations related to criminal record clearing & expungement that we’ve had with our existing and potential clients, and in most of the cases in which we’ve conducted investigations to uncover why a criminal record is attached to a person with no legitimate criminal history, we’ve found that an overwhelming majority of these cases are the result of people giving false information to police when they’re arrested.

In the majority of these situations, the identity of our client was stolen by a close friend or relative, and the only reason our client found out about it is because of some form of application being rejected, or an arrest warrant being issued in their name.

In Houston, a person’s criminal background record may be pulled for reasons related to apartment leasing, homeowner association reviews, Concealed Handgun Licensing, all in addition to other prerequisite application reviews for career and collegiate purposes.

Expunction & Certificates of Non Disclosure

DWI Criminal Record SealingUnder the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures’ Title 1. Code of Criminal Procedure, in Chapter 55. Expunction of Criminal Records¹, Expunction & Certificates of Non-Disclosure can be obtained for a number of criminal offenses which include both misdemeanors and felonies. If a person has successfully completed paying their debt to society and any deferred adjudication period demanded by the court, the lawful sealing of your criminal records from civilian access may be possible.

Expunging criminal records, and/or gaining a non-disclosure seal, is a litigation process that’s wrought with complications and best left to an experienced attorney that understands the complexities involved with such litigatory filings.

Can You Get Your Criminal Record Sealed?

Attorney Tad A. NelsonThere are a number of circumstantial details that can prevent the sealing of one’s criminal records. The first step of the process would be to review your criminal history to make sure that you qualify for expunction.

In most cases when an person is found not guilty of a crime, found innocent, successfully completed probation, successfully completed deferred adjudication, or have paid their debt to society (in the case of people who were found guilty of their crimes), some form of option will be available to limit or eliminate visibility of your criminal records.

Not all criminal records are eligible for expunction and this includes some forms of DWI. If you live in the Houston, TX area, and you need more information regarding the possibilities of having your criminal record(s) expunged, call our law office at 713-489-7373, or click here to send us a message explaining your situation.

Expunction, Expungement & Criminal Record Sealing Attorney

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