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Texas Driver License Suspension Defense

Suspected of DWI and Need to Fight For Your License?

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If you were arrested for driving while intoxicated in Houston, you’ll face more than a criminal charge for DWI. Persons arrested for DWI may have to contend with having their Texas Driver License automatically suspended by the State of Texas, in addition to other penalties and fines.

Suspended Texas Driver License - DWI Case

In Texas, we heavily rely on our street and highway system as the motor vehicle is the primary form of transportation for most Texans. Thus, strict law enforcement regarding impaired driving.

Furthermore, if a person who relies on their own personal transportation as a primary means of transportation to and from work, family members, and as a general component of a fruitful & modern lifestyle, the revocation of their Texas Driver License can put a damper on things. It’s a huge inconvenience that could be avoided or countered.

According to the Texas Transportation Code (§724), each person who operates a motor vehicle on Texas roadways has impliedly consented to provide a specimen of breath or blood if arrested for DWI if provided with a proper request by law enforcement that included the consequences of refusing.

If you’re stopped and suspected of drunk driving by an officer, whether you’re intoxicated or not, there’s a strong chance you’ll lose your driving privileges.

Even if you’re aren’t intoxicated and inform the officer, the refusal or failure of a field sobriety test means your Texas Driver License will likely be suspended. If you or a family member are in a situation like this and need to talk with an experienced DWI defense attorney, call us at 713-489-7373.

We Have 15 Days to Fight For Your License

An arrest for a DWI offense not only means being thrust into the challenges of fighting a criminal charge, but it also means fighting to avoid the suspension of your Texas Drivers License by requesting an ALR hearing.

Special Note: Although unbeknown to most, the state of Texas doesn’t have to be the issuer the drivers license scheduled for suspension. After a suspected DWI, the State of Texas will pursue and likely complete the suspension of your driver license regardless of which state issued it.

Administrative License Revocation

If your Texas Driver License is in jeopardy of revocation or suspension by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates and Houston DWI attorney Tad Nelson are prepared to request an ALR hearing on your behalf. The hearing will give us access to the judge and the court so that we may have the opportunity to fight the suspension of your Texas Driver License. If we win in ALR court, we’ll likely beat the originating DWI charge.

Once you’re notified of the state’s intent to suspend your license we’ll have between 15 and 20 days (14-15 Days is normal) from the date on the notice to execute countermeasures. These situations must be addressed immediately.

Once you get a free moment following a DWI arrest, contact Houston ALR hearing lawyer Tad Nelson immediately as the state of Texas will immediately pursue the suspension of your Texas Driver License. Also, you’ll likely be served with a notice of the state’s intent to suspend your Texas Driver License by the arresting officer/law enforcement agency, on the spot.

Attorney Tad Nelson: Houston’s DWI Guru

Board Certified DWI Lawyer Tad A NelsonDWI, in the criminal defense community, is viewed as a specialty area of law. A successful DWI lawyer must possess a specific skill set to ensure their maximum effectivity as the representative of the accused.

Both attorneys Tad Nelson and Amber Spurlock are ACS/CHAL Lawyer/Scientists with forensic science credentials that are unrivaled by most DWI lawyers in Houston. In fact, the DWI attorneys who staff the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates are among the handful of DWI attorneys in the nation with lawyer/scientist credentials.

When you or your loved one are represented by the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, you’re being represented by dedicated DWI lawyers who will challenge the validity of the state’s claims, their evidence, their evidence collection tools, and the training of professional who executed the arrest and testing.

If you’re reading this message and have an upcoming court date related to a Houston DWI case, you need to call attorney Tad Nelson immediately.

Texas Driver License Suspension Defense

Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson