2nd Offense DWI

If you’re arrested and convicted for Driving While Intoxicated a second time in the state of Texas the penalties are more severe than are the penalties for first offense DWI cases.

If you were arrested and charged with your second DWI offense we highly recommend contacting our legal team immediately by calling 713-489-7373. Houston DWI defense lawyer Tad A. Nelson will provide solutions for legal representation & sound advice on the best path forward in light of the situation.

Potential Penalties For 2nd Offense DWI Conviction

FINE: Up to $4000 for a second DWI offense in the state of Texas.
IMPRISONMENT: You may have to serve a jail sentence that can last for 30 days to one year.
TEXAS DRIVERS LICENSE: Your Texas driver’s license may be suspended from appear of 180 days to two years.

In addition to the penalties listed above, one should also consider the consequences of having a new criminal case cited on your background record. This may cause problems in your professional career in addition to far more harsh treatment by the legal system in the event of a future offense.

You May Be Able To Avoid Jail

Not all instances of 2nd DWI offenses in Houston result in the defendant being jailed. Eligibility for community service (probation) remains a strong possibility even for persons accused of DWI for only the second time.

Community supervision is not guaranteed to be available for the second time offender as is the case with first-time DWI offenders, but Houston DWI attorneys Tad Nelson and Amber Spurlock have experience getting the court to grant probation in some of the most difficult of cases.

If you are allowed to take advantage of probation for your second DWI offense in Texas, the length of the probationary period will likely last for two years.

You’ll be required to serve some jail time as condition of your probation agreement. Applicable prison sentences normally amount to a maximum of 30 days Harris County jail. This is minimal jail time which can be broken up over a periods as is common with “weekenders”; people who serve their time on the weekends.

In addition to the requirements imposed by the court as conditions of your probation, you’ll be required to have a breathalyzer device installed in your vehicle. You’ll also have to complete up to 200 hours of community service work, and report to your probation officer as required.

Call & Talk with a Lawyer For Help

If you have any additional questions about the potential to beat your DWI charge in court, or if you need to consult with one of our highly trained DWI attorneys, don’t hesitate to contact the firm.

We’re ready to help you fight prosecution attempts by the District Attorney’s Office. If you need to run the details of your case by an attorney with experience litigating DWI cases Houston, Harris County, Texas, contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates at 713-489-7373.

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Last updated: February 20, 2018 at 13:21 pm
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