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3rd Offense DWI

Charged with DWI a Third Time in Houston?

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For individuals charged with a third DWI offense in Houston, the penalties following a conviction are serious. Third DWI offenses are almost always prosecuted as third-degree felony offenses in the state of Texas resulting in harsh treatment by the judicial system and severe prison sentences.

Houston Lawyer for Felony DWI Offenses

In some cases, Attorney Tad A. Nelson may be able to get the court to reduce the criminal classification of the charge to a Misdemeanor offense.

A criminal charge reduction is often possible in 3rd offense Felony DWI cases, although defendants aren’t always aware of it. Our office has extensive experience working with Harris County judges to keep people out of jail. In most situations, we’re effective.

If you were arrested in Houston a 3rd time for Driving While Intoxicated, and you’re out on bond and need to talk with a lawyer to get a clear idea of your realistic options, contact attorney Tad A. Nelson’s office by calling us anytime, at 713-489-7373.

Potential Penalties For 3rd DWI Offenses

FINE: Up to $10,000.00

IMPRISONMENT: Sentencing guidelines demand a 2-to-10 year sentence for 3rd-degree felony convictions.

TEXAS DRIVERS LICENSE: Texas Driver License suspension is another penalty of being found guilty of DWI a third time. The suspension period can last from a period of six months to two years, which doesn’t begin until after the jail sentence is satisfied.

Avoiding Jail Post Felony DWI Conviction

Defendants convicted of a felony third DWI offense may, in some situations, have an opportunity to take advantage of community supervision and avoid serving a lengthy penitentiary sentence. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position where community supervision is possible, the community supervision term, also referred to as probation, will last from a period of 2 to 10 years.

Some of the factors the court will take into consideration, during the determination on whether or not you go to the penitentiary are;

  • the length of time since your last DWI,
  • how you handled your previous probationary sentence if any,
  • the severity of the facts involved with the case,
  • if there was an accident involved,
  • your blood-alcohol concentration levels at the time of your arrest,
  • moreover, if there were any aggravating factors involved in your case.

If you are granted probation on a felony DWI in Houston, community service agreements can involve a number of hours ranging from 160 to 600. Some jail time must be served. The minimum jail sentence is ten days. In some cases, defendants are forced to serve 180 days in jail before taking advantage of probation. Weekend jail sentencing may be possible for some defendants.

Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson Will Help!

Board Certified DWI Lawyer Tad A NelsonAre you facing felony prosecution in Houston for a 3rd DWI offense?

Attorney Tad A. Nelson is not only a 27+ year veteran criminal-defense litigator, he’s also an ACS-CHAL Lawyer/Scientist, and an active member of the National College of DUI Defense; an organization dedicated to improving the DUI/DWI Bar on a national scale.

Attorney Tad A. Nelson can be reached by phone at 713-489-7373, or you can visit our law office in Downtown Houston at 405 Main St. #840, Houston, TX 77002.

3rd Offense DWI/DUI Charges – Felony Drunk Driving Lawyer

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