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Houston DUI Lawyer

If you’re charged with driving under the influence in Texas, you’re in a very serious legal situation that can leave you with a criminal record and a suspended Texas Driver’s License which, in itself, can create all sorts of difficult situations and put you in situations where you may be re-arrested simply for driving while your license is suspended/invalid (DWLI/DWLS).

We’ll Fight The Charge

Houston DUI Attorney Tad A NelsonIt’s important to fight DUI charges, and any other criminal charges, because if you don’t, you’ll face jail time, criminal fines, the detriments of a criminal history, a suspended driver’s license, and all kinds of other headaches that you can do without. Even if you think that your case can’t be won, there is a chance that your charges can be reduced, thrown out of court, or beat in court.

It is important to understand that DUI charges are normally filed against persons who are under the age of 21 that have any detectable amount of alcohol in their blood while operating a motor vehicle or watercraft in a publicly accessible place.

Drug Charges & DUI Cases

Anytime a person is arrested due to the possession of a controlled substance, while driving, their Texas Drivers License will be suspended via an automatic process known as Administrative License Revocation.

Whether a person is caught driving while intoxicated on alcoholic beverages, or the police pulled you over and found marijuana in your car and determined that you were under the influence of the substance at the time, this is considered intoxicated driving in Texas although a misdemeanor, but will result in Texas driver’s license suspension.

Houston DUI lawyer Tad Nelson has an extensive experience defending persons accused of driving under the influence by police agencies operating in and around Harris County, Texas.

Houston DUI Lawyer

Understanding Texas DUI Charges

Criminal charges of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) result from operating a vehicle while under the influence an impairing substance such as drugs or alcoholic beverages.

Attorney Tad Nelson is an accomplished Houston DUI lawyer who knows how to successfully explain different facets of his defense strategy to a court comprised of persons made up of many different levels of sophistication.

Smart Lawyering For The Good

Tad’s style of articulation not only guarantees that your voice will be heard and rights protected, but that you actually have a strong chance of a reasonable disposition for your case in the Harris County Criminal Court in downtown Houston.

If you need help fighting allegations of Driving Under the Influence of an impairing substance, contact Tad A. Nelson immediately by calling 713-489-7373 so we can schedule a time to look over the details of your case as we discuss your situation with the State of Texas.

Lawyer for DUI Cases in Houston