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1st Offense DWI Cases

Charged with a First-Offense DWI in Houston?

Don’t Panic. Call Attorney Tad Nelson at 713-489-7373

Attorney Tad A. Nelson

You only need to be arrested for DWI in Texas one time, and convicted of a First Offense DWI, to immediately experience the adverse effects that such a conviction can have on your life.

If charged with a drunk driving offense in Houston, and you want to avoid criminal penalties, an unshakable criminal record, and other inconveniences, scheduling a consultation with a litigator with experience defending persons arrested and accused of driving while intoxicated is your best bet.

Your Houston DWI Guru & Attorney

Houston DWI guru Tad Nelson is a Board Certified® criminal law attorney who has practiced law in Texas since 1995. During his career, he’s earned a solid reputation for beating prosecutors in the court of law on behalf of his clients on a regular basis. We have a history of success and dedicate ourselves to offering our clients numerous damage control options, considering the situation.

With our education, skill, and courtroom litigation experience on in your corner, you can be assured of a more favorable result than if you had hired a non-specialized attorney for your Houston DWI case.

DWI lawyers in Houston like Tad Nelson and Amber Spurlock, come few & far in-between. If you don’t talk with us about your case, be sure to seek out and hire equally qualified lawyers to represent you for the best possible counter to what will be a ferocious prosecution attempt by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Potential Penalties For First Offense DWI Convictions

FINE: Up to $2000 for a first-time driving while intoxicated offense.

IMPRISONMENT: You may have to serve a jail sentence that can last from three days to six months.

TEXAS DRIVERS LICENSE: You may experience a drivers license suspension that can last from a period of 90 days to one year. (Tad Nelson may be able to help you avoid the suspension of driving privileges if you may contact with him fast enough.)

Although a First Offense DWI charge is a misdemeanor offense, it’s not the type of charge you’ll want on your record. Such a conviction can mean limited career opportunities and enhanced criminal charges should you be arrested in the future. If you’re facing criminal charges for DWI or any other criminal offense in Houston, feel free to call our law office today at 713-489-7373.

Avoiding Jail Time in Houston

In most cases when a person is convicted of Driving While Intoxicated for the first time, jail time is not the ultimate objective of the court. Therefore, the defendant may not have to serve jail time. The judge may allow a suspended jail sentence which will remain in place as long as the defendant adheres to their probationary agreement (which is now referred to in Harris County, TX as Community Supervision).

The probationary period will last longer than the alternative jail sentence but it is better than losing your freedom. Usually, probation terms have a duration of one year except in special cases where it can be extended to a period of up to two years, or reduced to as little as six months.

Needless to say, following the conditions of the probation is a requirement of staying out of jail. The Harris County judge presiding over your case has the power to adjust the conditions of your probation as they see fit. If you violate the probationary directives at any point during the probationary term, even during the final throes of a lengthy period, the agreement can be revoked, forcing you to serve out the original jail sentence.

Common Probationary Terms

  • Do not commit any crimes or violate the law.
  • Cooperate with your probation officer and report when required.
  • Satisfy all monetary penalties imposed by the court, and other fees.
  • Normally probationers are required to work up to 80 hours of community service. Do it.
  • Do not ingest alcoholic beverages or use drugs/non-prescription medication.
  • There will be a restriction on any form of intoxication.
  • You must attend classes intended to expand your education of the effects of alcohol and drugs.
  • You may also be required to undergo an evaluation to determine if you need treatment for drugs and alcohol.

We’re Among The Top 1%

Of DWI Lawyers In Houston

Attorney Tad A. Nelson

A Texas DWI attorney can lose their license to practice law by making claims the nature of being the “best” or being “top” in their legal field of practice if they aren’t able to demonstrate the proper certifications, education, experience, predetermined recommendations from other attorneys and judges, that are required to justify the use of such provocative terms.

  • Attorney Tad A. Nelson is an ACS/CHAL Forensic Lawyer Scientist, and so is Amber Spurlock.
  • Attorney Tad A. Nelson is Board Certified® in criminal law and has been, since 1995.
  • Attorney Tad A. Nelson recently earned his Masters Degree in Forensic Science.
  • Attorney Tad A. Nelson is a founding member of the National DUI Lawyers Association.
  • Attorney Tad A. Nelson is a graduate of the National College Of DUI Defense.
  • Moreover, this is all after graduating college and earning his law degree.

Tad Nelson is one of the best DWI defense attorneys in Houston to talk with if you need help following an arrest for suspicion of DWI. Your arrest was based on your perceived level of intoxication by law enforcement, which can be challenged in the court of law.

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1st Offense DWI Charges & Texas Law

Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A.  Nelson