What to Do If You’re Pulled Over by HPD

Regardless of whether you’ve been drinking or not, seeing the flashing lights of a Houston Police Department vehicle in your mirror isn’t much fun. In order to make the encounter as pleasant as possible, there are numerous things you should do. There are also things you should avoid doing, particularly if you have been drinking.

Initial Contact With Houston Police

As soon as you see the vehicle’s emergency lights on, if possible, begin to move over to the right side of the road. In certain circumstances, it may make more sense to stop on the left side of the road (for example, if traffic is severe). Be sure to use your turn signal to indicate any lane changes and come to a stop quickly, but not fast enough that the officer will have to brake abruptly. You should pull as far away from the road as possible to allow the officer more room to approach your vehicle safely.

After coming to a stop, turn off the car and the radio or any music that is playing. You should roll your window all the way down. Also, keep in mind that, depending on traffic and the amount of room, the officer may approach on your passenger side. Reaching for your license, proof of insurance or registration may not be advisable as the officer may become concerned that you are retrieving a weapon. Instead, you should wait for the officer to instruct you to gather those items.

It is important to be courteous and cooperative with the officer, but not provide more information than is required. If the officer thinks you’ve been drinking, he or she will ask questions that you’re not required to answer. Of course, if you haven’t been drinking, you should state that fact to the officer if asked.

If you had been drinking, politely state that you don’t want to answer any questions without your attorney present. Further, avoid attempting to make “small-talk” with the officer. If you’ve been drinking, you may say something in a manner that will increase the chance you are arrested.

Field Sobriety Test and/or Arrest

There’s no requirement that you take a field sobriety test, so you should decline if the officer asks you to perform one. The officer may also ask you to submit to a breath or blood test. If the officer requests this, you’ll likely be arrested whether or not you submit to the test as the officer probably believes he has sufficient cause to suspect that you’re driving while intoxicated (DWI).

However, there are still important implications of agreeing or refusing to be tested. If you refuse to be tested, there’s the possibility that your Texas Driver License will be suspended. If you do take the test and are over the legal limit, it will make convicting you of DWI easier.

Houston DWI Defense Attorneys

Always remember our motto at Tad Nelson & Associates; No Blood, No Breath, No Tests; If I am not under arrest please let me go! There’s no reason to help the government convict you! If you have been arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, you need to speak with an experienced Houston DWI attorney immediately. At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we can help you protect your rights. Contact us today, and let us go to work for you.

What to Do If You’re Pulled Over by HPD

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