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If you’re arrested in Texas for drunk driving, you don’t want your case heard in Judge Kathleen Hamilton’s courtroom. She’s a judge in Montgomery County, TX who presides over the 359th District Court and she’s made some landmark rulings during her tenure. In 2016 she sentenced a man to life in prison for his ninth DWI conviction. The man was imprisoned before for DWI offenses, so he was considered a habitual offender.

The Montgomery County DWI Court

Judge Hamilton’s Court

The State of Texas was prone to lenient penalties for his DWIs in the past, but Judge Hamilton doesn’t believe repeat offenders should be dealt with so lightly.

Judge Hamilton was recently honored by the State Bar of Texas for her work and dedication to specialized docketing.

She now oversees the DWI court.

The court is intended for people convicted of their first felony DWI conviction and is meant to serve as an intensive program to help them avoid becoming repeat offenders. The program tests participants five days a week for drugs and alcohol and requires them to attend at least five substance abuse management sessions a week. Participants have to comply with home visits where officials will check for the presence of alcohol and ensure that breathalyzers are installed in their vehicles.

The participants must also appear before the judge every week and verify that they have a job and have made the $83 monthly DWI payment to the court. Over 250 people have graduated from the program, which means they had to refrain from alcohol for six months and maintain a job for six months. Fewer than 8 percent were rearrested, compared to 80% of those on probation alone.

Even though some Texas judges have given lesser sentences in many DWI cases, a conviction for any level of DWI offense may result in a fine, jail time, and the long-term suspension of your driving privileges. With Texas laws in combination with judges like Kathleen Hamilton and their tough stance of repeat offenders, you must ensure that you’re represented by a skilled attorney who’s chief focus is DWI defense. With a proper legal defense in place for the situation, you’ll have a chance of avoiding the hassles of the DWI Court program or even worse, being sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

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