Sealing Texas DWI Conviction Records

Although Houston has a booming economy and a bright economic future, individuals with criminal records may experience a limited realization of their career goals due to the hindrances caused by the appearance an arrest or conviction for a criminal offense on their background.

Houston, TX SkylineIn the business world, individuals who are convicted of the most minor crimes seemingly suffer the most damage to their careers. Although there are legal remedies to hide some criminal records, some misdemeanor offenses were not eligible for non-disclosure.

When an individual applies for a new position or is considered for a pay raise or a promotion, the company will usually request criminal background records and a credit report as a general rule when screening employees for hire or promotion.

The State of Texas expanded the scope of which offenses are eligible for expungement, a process which is commonly referred to as criminal record sealing. For individuals with a minor arrest for a first-offense DWI on their backgrounds, there’s new hope in the form of HB 3016 legislation from 2017 (Texas legislature online) which allows the non-disclosure or “sealing” of such offenses. Dubbed the “Second Chance Bill,” it was welcomed by many Houstonians and Texans alike.

Orders of Non-Disclosure & DWI Offenses

Sealing Drunk Driving Records

Prior to the recent changes in Texas law which expanded the scope of non-violent misdemeanors which are eligible for sealing, no form of DWI offense was eligible for non-disclosure under any circumstances. With the recent changes to the law and for the purposes of our law practice, in addition to some state jail felony convictions, one significant misdemeanor is now eligible for an order of non-disclosure; first offense DWI convictions.

When a motorist is arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated a criminal background is created which will follow the person around for the rest of their lives. Misdemeanor first-time DWI offenders were never eligible for non-disclosure or criminal record sealing due to the association of their offense with the social stigma of the tragedies caused by drunk drivers on Texas roadways.

Many DWI lawyers and fair-minded politicians know that first-time DWI offenders often aren’t repeat offenders and shouldn’t have been treated like career criminals. As of 2017, the Texas Penal Code has caught up with reality and now persons with convictions for first-time DWI offenses are now eligible to have the criminal record of the conviction sealed from the view of the general public.

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Sealing Records of a Texas DWI Conviction is Possible

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