Tips to Avoid DWI Charges in Houston

Houston, TX is known for it’s nightlife, bars, and gathering places which are located all over our great city, but be sure to have a strategy in mind for getting home without being arrested for DWI in the event that you decide to drink alcoholic beverages during your night out.

Plan Ahead

If you don’t have a plan for getting home without driving while intoxicated this may create problems for you in the event that you fall under the scope of law enforcement for any reason. You don’t necessarily have to be driving radically to be stopped by police for DWI.

You could simply make an unrelated traffic violation, that any sober person would make, and now you’re dealing with a law enforcement officer after you’ve ingested alcohol.

Once the police get any hint that you may be intoxicated, the stakes are raised.

In fact, during my 25 year experience as a DWI lawyer in Houston I’ve had clients come into my office who were pulled over by police for nothing more than driving 70mph in a 60mph zone only to be arrested for DWI as opposed to getting a traffic ticket for speeding.

To avoid a similar fate, and to learn more about best practices with regard to avoiding an encounter with Houston area law enforcement agencies that may result in your being arrested for a DWI offense, review the legal advice from lawyer Tad Nelson that’s listed below for a few ideas on enjoying the Houston nightlife without taking criminal risks.

Tips To Avoid Suspicion of DWI

  • Do Without Drinking: If you’re able to enjoy your night without drinking, you’ll be amazed the good time you can still have without putting alcohol into your body. A night with fewer risks is always a good night.
  • Travel By Taxi-Cab or Limo: If you know you’ll be “living the night up”, then its probably best to leave your car keys at home, and travel to and from your destinations by a limousine services or cab. Riding in a limousine is a good look for you and your friends.
  • Walk To The Bar: Do you live in walk distance to the bar? Aside from getting a decent physical workout, you’ll also be able to enjoy fresh air and avoid any risk of being arrested for DWI. If you are arrested for Public Intoxication, these are always misdemeanor offenses that, depending on your history, our lawyers will be able to likely keep the charge off your criminal background.
  • Ride With A Friend: Another great traditional option is to ride with a friend, or better yet, assign a designated driver. There are a number of people who don’t drink, but still like to have a good time, that you could count on for transportation to the local Houston hot spots to enjoy the night.

Call Houston DWI Lawyer Tad Nelson

Although, as people, we always have the best intentions for ourselves, but sometimes we can be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or make a small mistake, and find ourselves in the back of a HPD or HCSO squad car for one reason or another. Houston DWI Attorney Tad Nelson

If you’ve been arrested by police for driving while intoxicated, Houston DWI attorney Tad Nelson is one the most qualified DWI lawyers in the United States for defending persons accused of DUI and DWI related criminal offenses.

Tad Nelson is a forensic lawyer-scientist, as well as a Board Certified® criminal lawyer. If you need help, call us at 713-489-7373.

Tips to Avoid DWI Charges in Houston

Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson