Reasons Why People Drink and Drive

Most people are aware of both the dangers and the penalties for drinking and driving. Yet, it still happens every day. So, what are the reasons for people choosing to drink and drive?

To Avoid Paying for Transportation

One reason why people choose to drink and drive is to avoid the cost of paying for a taxi.

It’s important to keep in mind the cost of a taxi compared to the cost of a driving while intoxicated (DWI) conviction. Aside from thousands of dollars in legal fees, and paying more to bond out of jail, there’s a real chance you can lose your freedom, in addition to your Texas Driver License.

To Put The Costs in Perspective

In Houston, the cost of a trip within the central business district is a flat rate of $6. For trips at night outside of the central business district, the rate is $3.75 for the first one-eleventh of a mile or less. After that, the rate is $0.20 for each additional one-eleventh of a mile.

The potential fine for a first time DWI conviction is $2,000.

At the above taxi rates, you would have to travel about 850 miles before spending $2,000.

Other Costs Associated with DWI Cases

Keep in mind the other costs associated with a DWI conviction. A DWI conviction will likely cost you much more than $2,000 when considering loss of driving rights, attorney fees, bail bonds, and lost time from working dealing with the whole mess.

Freeing Your Vehicle

Another factor people may use to rationalize driving after drinking is the cost to recover their vehicle if it was towed. This is often a concern after drinking in a public place. The cost to get your car back if it was towed is usually around $150. Assuming you take a taxi and are unfortunate enough to have your car towed, the cost is still much less than the costs associated with DWI.

If you find you’ve had too much to drink it’s best to call a taxi or one of the new transportation providers, like Uber or Lyft.

Lacking the Ability to Make Sound Decisions

Another contributing factor is the alcohol itself. Consuming alcohol impairs a person’s ability to rationally think. If you’ve ever had “too much to drink,” it’s likely you’ve made a decision that wasn’t your best, even though it may have been harmless. Unfortunately, poor decisions resulting from alcohol consumption can be costly, as in the case of a DWI conviction.

Attorney Tad A. Nelson
Attorney Tad A. Nelson

A related issue is not being able to judge when you have had too much to drink. There are many factors that contribute to how much alcohol a person can drink before going over their legal limit. This makes it difficult to judge whether you’re within the limit or not, even if you regularly drink.

Importantly, keep in mind that devices that measure the concentration of alcohol in your system, though helpful, are not always completely accurate. If you’ve been drinking, it’s best to avoid driving. Call a friend, pay for a cab, for god’s sake call your mother! But don’t take the chance of killing yourself or someone else.

Reasons Why People Drink and Drive

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