Man Sentenced to Double-Life for DWI

We recently ran across a news item in which it was reported that a Montgomery County man was sentenced to Double-Life for his latest in string of DWI offenses in the Houston area. Contact attorney Tad Nelson at 713-489-7373 if you’re in a similar situation and need legal representation you can be confident in.

Don’t Fight DWI Cases Without An Attorney

If you or a loved one are in a similar situation we can help. If you know you have previous DWI on your record, and you’re facing an upcoming court appearance, or recently posted bond, contact our law office for help. Tad Nelson is one of the best trained DWI attorneys in Houston, TX and has won many cases in which victory was said to be impossible. While this is no guarantee of future performance, it does speak to our capabilities as attorneys who are specialized with regard to DWI defense.