Facing a 3rd or 4th DWI Charge?

Police in Harrington, Delaware recently arrested a man in connection with driving under the influence of alcohol. It was his sixth DUI arrest, according to an Associated Press report.

In the early morning hours on a Saturday, a patrolman pulled David Dale over on U.S. 13 in Delaware for speeding, the report stated. The officer said he smelled an odor of alcohol emanating from the 56-year-old’s vehicle. The officer administered field sobriety tests and found drug paraphernalia in the vehicle during a search.

Upon logging the arrest, officers discovered Dale had five previous DUI convictions, with the first one occurring in 1987, according to the Associated Press.

In this most recent incident, Dale was charged with DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia and speeding, the report states. He was placed in Sussex Correctional Institution, according to the AP.

Multiple DUI arrests in Texas

Multiple arrests for driving while intoxicated in Texas can lead to serious consequences.

For those facing their third or greater DWI arrest, they are likely dealing with a felony offense if convicted in the state of Texas. Nearly all of these cases are prosecuted as felonies, rather that the lesser misdemeanor, if there is a history of repeated offenses.

The penalties for being convicted of your third DWI include:
● Fine of up to $10,000
● Two to 10 years in state prison
● Up to two years of driver’s license suspension
● Up to $2,000 in an annual surcharge for three years following your arrest to keep your driver’s license
● DWI intervention program
● Ignition interlock device, which is installed in a vehicle’s dashboard. It requires a driver to blow into a Breathalyzer device before they are able to start the motor. If the driver’s blood alcohol content is above a certain amount well below the legal limit (usually around .04), the car will not start.

The DWI Intervention Program is for repeat DWI offenders in Texas. This program comes after a general education program, which is typically used in the case of a first-time offender and is less of a time commitment.

The Intervention Program in Texas looks at the root causes of this behavior, looking at issues like self-esteem, alcoholism and dependency. It also provides information on ongoing support groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous.

The course is 32 hours long and must be completed if it is a part of the penalty given by the court. If the defendant fails to complete the course, the state suspends the defendant’s driver’s license until they successfully do so.

Charged with your third DWI offense?

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