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The DIVERT Program

I’ve been asked a number of times about the Houston DWI DIVERT (Direct Intervention using Voluntary Education, Restitution and Treatment) pre-trial diversion program. Although the program has undergone a lot of change and criticism over the years, it’s still a fairly decent program that’s intended for first-time DWI offenders.

Special Probation for 1st time DWI Offenders

The DIVERT program can be considered a different form of probation that’s geared towards first-time DWI offenders. If the offender has a low blood-alcohol content level based on the breath test administered by law-enforcement, and there are no aggravating factors involved with the DWI such as accidents, then the defendant will qualify to take advantage of the DIVERT program.

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Benefits of the DIVERT Program

The greatest benefit of the DIVERT program is that it gives defendants a way to avoid jail and traditional criminal penalties associated with DWI convictions. The main benefit of the program is that when the defendant successfully completes the program the criminal charges against them are dropped, and the door is open to have the criminal record expunged in the future.

The Temporary Guilty Plea

The way it works is that the defendant enters a guilty plea which stands until the program is completed. Afterwards, the case is dismissed. Once dismissed, the defendant will have the option to have the criminal record sealed or expunged from their criminal background. This can be highly beneficial if the defendant is a truck driver, or is employed in an industry that frowns upon any form of criminal charge related to drunk driving or substance abuse.

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The Houston, Harris County DWI DIVERT Program

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