Lack of DWI Defense Nets Life Sentence

A gentleman was arrested for DWI in Weatherford, TX and sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to the charge. To add insult to injury, he pleaded guilty and allowed the judge to assess his sentence.

In a state where we have one trial to determine if the defendant is guilty, and a second trial to determine sentencing, we believe the defendant could have obtained better results in his case, had he put up a fight.

A Habitual DWI Offender

According to the Weatherford Star-Telegram, the defendant was arrested on ten previous occasions for DWI, convicted on four felony DWI charges., and still drinks “because he likes it.”

The judge sentenced the 48-year-old to 66 years in prison.

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In the Weatherford Case, we believe the defendant was exhausted, demoralized, and simply gave up. We have never given up on our clients and invite you to contact us if you have any questions regarding any form of serious DWI offense in Texas.

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Lack of DWI Defense Nets Life Sentence

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