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National College for DUI Defense

Tad Credentials - 19 - National College for DUI Defense - Harvard Law

Certificate of Completion

Harvard Law School & National College for DUI Defense Training

This is a Certificate of Achievement from the National College for DUI Defense certifying that Houston DWI defense attorney Tad Nelson successfully completed the required intensive curriculum on the defense of individuals accused of driving under the influence.

This certificate was presented at the Harvard Law School in July on 1997. Signed by Douglas Cowan.

Need Helping Fighting A DWI Conviction?

Put the Experience of Tad A. Nelson on Your Side!

Most folks think their only option when charged with DWI is to enter a guilty plea and hope for probation on their day in court. This is only true when you have inexperienced legal representation. Board Certified® Texas criminal-law attorney Tad Nelson is one of the most experienced DWI lawyers in Texas with thousands of successful cases under his belt. For more information or to schedule a meeting, call 713-489-7373.