Houston DWI & Drug Classes

If you’re a first time DWI offender in the State of Texas, and are hoping to take advantage of a probationary program, you’ll be required to attend a DWI Class (Alcohol & Drug Awareness Ed) related to educating you on the effects of alcohol & drugs on your body, and the community.DWI-Class

The Drug/Alcohol class may be taken voluntarily, but many are normally enrolled in the class as a result of a court order.

The DWI classes in Houston are generally about 12 hours in duration, and can be scheduled at different times, on different days. The full class isn’t held in one day, but is normally spaced out over the coarse of a few days or weeks.

General Information: Drug & Alcohol Classes

COST: Under 200.00
TIME: Variable. You can schedule the class around your employment schedule in most cases. As you can see in this example, scheduling is flexible.

The Houston area DWI class is conducted in both Spanish & English as the state of Texas is working to eliminate language barriers within the criminal justice system.

When You’ll Need a Houston DWI Class

Listed below are the following circumstances in which a person may be compelled to take part in an Alcohol or Drug Education Program.

  • Pre-Trial Situations
  • By Court Order
  • For Educational Purposes
  • Probationary Requirements
  • Parole Requirements
  • Texas Drivers License Reinstatement
  • Employment. (Generally if you’ve failed a drug test at work.)
  • Child Custody & Family Law (CPS or a family court may demand your participation.)

Documents To Bring

If you’re scheduled to take part in the Drug & Alcohol Education Program, you’ll need the following when appearing at the Drug & Alcohol Education class:

  • Your Texas Driver License or State Issued ID
  • You’ll need to know your Social Security Number
  • You may also need documents from the court, or the Court Number/Name, or the name of the judge that presided over your case.
  • You may also need to the cause number assigned to your case.

Special Note: The instructor of the class should have your name on a list, but be sure bring the information listed above just in case. Missing the class, or not taking the class within the court’s specified period of time, may result in the revocation of your probation, disqualification from parole, or may prolong the process of having your Texas Driver License reinstated.

More Information on Texas Drug/Alcohol Courses*

For more information about the alcohol and drug awareness program, or to learn more about options for repeat offenders, we recommend visiting All About Recovery, Alcohol & Traffic Safety Institute, TADA, or consulting with attorney Tad A. Nelson or the court ordering your attendance in the class.

*If you’re a client of The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates be sure to contact us for the information you need.

Houston Drug & Alcohol Class Information

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