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Texas Felony DWI

Persons arrested and charged with a felony DWI offense, in the state of Texas, can expect a level of prosecutorial ferociousness on par with that of persons charged with murderous & assaultive felonies in Houston, Harris County, TX.

Texas Felony DWI/DUI Penalties

The Texas Felony DWI AttorneyThe criminal penalties associated with felony DWI offenses start with monetary fines limited at $10,000, and sentencing guidelines that max out at 20 years. If a prosecutor feels they can gain a conviction, and get a sentence of 20 years handed down for a felony DWI, they’ll attempt to.

We’ve even seen cases where defendants with no legal counsel have been sentenced to life in prison for habitual drunk driving. Representation by an experienced Houston DWI litigation attorney will pay great dividends in the event that you’re in this type of situation.

When is a DWI a Felony in Texas?

Although most DWI offenses are classified as misdemeanor criminal offenses, there are few instances in which felony charges will be sought by the State of Texas.

  • Instances in which a person is charged with their third DWI offense. (Depending on the length of time since the last offense, it may be possible to get a third offense DWI reduced to a lesser charge).
  • If you’re found to be driving drunk, and due to your driving while intoxicated a car accident was caused, the district attorney will have grounds to pursue a felony conviction.
  • If you’re drunk driving, and a person is seriously injured or killed, you will be prosecuted as a murderous felon.
  • Felony DWI charges also apply if you’re driving while intoxicated with a child passenger in the vehicle.

There’s Always A Defense

When dealing with police it’s important to take full advantage of your Constitutional Right to remain silent, and discuss your case only with attorney Tad A. Nelson, or another equally qualified DWI lawyer in Houston who will represent you on your case. Although they may try to scare you, don’t be fooled by police officers and prosecuting attorneys when they attempt to convince you that you don’t have a chance of winning in court; it’s their job.

We’re Experienced Felony DWI Defense Lawyers

The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, a Houston, TX law firm, is staffed by highly trained attorneys who are known to be formidable courtroom advocates for defendants.

As experienced Houston DWI lawyers, we know how to deal with cases in which our clients were arrested due to unsavory practices by law enforcement, and we’re certainly skilled at deflecting prosecution attempts by our adversaries in court.

If you need help fighting DWI related charges in or around Harris County, Texas, contact attorneys Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock at 713-489-7373 for immediate legal representation.


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